Venetian Plaster Finish Our Venetian Plaster Finish is carefully applied using traditional methods. This is a highly sought after finish for its qualities of subtle elegance. This material contains marble dust and slate lime, which gives it a finish like no other. Available in any color, waxed or un-waxed. Classes are also available for private instruction.

Exterior Stucco and Brick Finishes Our Exterior Finishes have consisted of hand painting the exteriors of stucco and brick buildings, both commercial and residential, to give the appearance of an old Tuscan Mediterranean Villa. If you want Provence, we can create the look. Our last project was a 12,000 Sq. f. Residence, giving that “south of France feel”. This finish can be done over most existing finishes. My visits to the south of France have made it possible for me to stay accurate in these finishes, that’s the most important! We can create your exterior from photographs of Buildings or Villas in Europe.

Faux Brick and Stone Finishes Accuracy is the key in all of our faux brick and stone finishes. When it comes to measurements and color, we like to model our faux after real stone or brick. Michael has traveled to France to photograph finishes for a client, to stay accurate in executing the perfect Tuscan Villa. He even tints his materials so that if its chipped it looks like chipped brick and uses real grout to give the feel of real stone or brick. This makes it durable for high traffic areas like restaurants. Our faux stone and brick is lightweight and averages ¼” thick, so it is great for ceilings and large areas where you can’t do real brick or stone. Classes are available.  

Tromp l'Oiel The window you see here was for a private residence at the Houstonian Estates in Houston. This small kitchen needed to be opened up. So the client and I picked a photo that was from a trip to Africa. I prefer the client chooses a picture that has significance. Perspective and light are so important in the execution of Trompe l’ Oeil.


Wall Glazing This photo is from Millennium Jaguar where Michael and his crew did 22,000 sq. f. of subtle European wall glaze.


Murals, Frescoes and Portraits Our Murals and Frescoes are created from photographs provided by clients or from research done on a certain style that a client wants. We can reproduce any style in any size.


Faux Leather Finishes This finish is made with light weight water based materials and great for large areas. Compared to real leather which is expensive and hard to find in large quantities, our faux leather is cheaper and more economical.


Faux Marble Finishes Our marble finishes are hand painted to resemble real marble samples. This finish is great for furniture, columns, and formal areas of your business or home.


Faux Metal Finishes Real Metal is expensive both to buy and install. Especially in commercial projects. This is where Faux Metal can achieve what the client wants and stay within budget. Old Rusted Metal, especially tiles, are hard to find in large quantity and very expensive. We can accommodate your needs in this area.


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